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VOUSACHETEZ’s mission is to create a direct relationship with the provider and the buyer and make it easier to develop business anywhere.
We allow African companies to be in direct contact with Asian suppliers. We provide basic technological infrastructure and marketing to help buyers, brands and other businesses harness the power of e-commerce and engage with their customers. We are developing a new way to sell and buy better quality products at very good prices.


Our Vision

Our goal is to build one of the largest e-commerce infrastructure in Africa. VOUSACHETEZ is:
Buyer-Vendor-supplier relationship we allow Asian suppliers to market their products so that wholesalers and retailers in Africa can increase their profits and buyers acquire products at price Reasonable.


So that young people can move forward serenely towards adulthood and contribute to the advancement of society, we train them in graphic design and E. MARKETING so they offer their service to the different users of the platform.

Boosting agri-Food in Africa @ VOUSACHETEZ

Agri-food is a carrier sector in Africa. It even has a « strategic » character, as the prospects for the future are at the very least excellent. Companies, investors and experts are more and more interested. So we have dedicated a category to market African products in African, Asian and European markets.

Training workshop and networking

We organize training workshops on e-commerce, our network of Business manager allowing you to reach your professional objectives, we also help you to participate in fairs and exhibitions in Asia and Europe.


We develop a system of e-payment by QR CODE that can allow to buy and transfer money anywhere in Africa.


Would you like to deposit or withdraw your orders from Vousachetez?
You can deposit or collect your parcels from one of our VA STORE distribution points, provided you choose the distribution point when processing your order or purchase.

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