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Cocoa Beans And Cocoa Fruits, Fresh Cocoa


Cocoa Beans And Cocoa Fruits, Fresh Cocoa

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Description and Culture:
-Family: Sterculiacées
-Origin: ivory coast
-Type: Fruit tree
-Height: 5 to 10 m in its natural environment
-Hardiness: 15 °c
-Growth: Fast
-Sol: Rich
-Exposure: Shadow

Fresh seeds (beans) from cocoa.
Adapts to potted culture under shading.
To keep in a greenhouse in winter.
Cocoa beans are used, after fermentation, drying, roasting, grinding, etc., in the making of chocolate.
Complete information on the culture of cocoa.
-Temperature: 28 to 30 °c
-seed removal: 15 to 20 days
-Sow the seeds as soon as they are received, as their germination duration is very short (2 weeks).



The cocoa bean, also called cacao bean,cocoa , and cacao , is the dried and fully fermented seed of Theobroma cacao, from which cocoa solids and, because of the seed’s fat, cocoa butter can be extracted.The beans are the basis of chocolate, and of such Mesoamerican foods as mole and tejate.


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